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Endodontics experts in Shrewsbury and Stafford

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry more commonly referred to as root canal treatment. A root filling may be recommended by your dentist for several reasons.

The pulp of the tooth (the soft nervous tissue inside) can become infected by decay within the tooth, which can spread to form an abscess. The pulp can also be damaged due to trauma. Root fillings are a way to preserve the tooth when the removal of the pulp is indicated.

The nerve is removed in a managed way so as to keep the tooth clean and dry as possible. A filling material is placed in the resulting space left by the nerve. Infection is prevented by sealing the tooth, and the tooth then can be restored and used as normal. The aim of root canal treatment is to eradicate any infection inside the tooth and ergo to preserve the tooth.

Research has shown that the long-term success is directly related to how well the root canal is filled. This is a delicate and skilled procedure best carried out under magnification. We will guide you through the process in order to obtain the best long-term solution. Contact one of our clinics in Shrewsbury or Stafford to book a consultation.

Important - Clinics now closed

In line with the national effort to fight the Coronavirus epidemic we at Argo Dental Practices, Oracle and Dentale Clinics will be closed for routine dental care. All appointments will be postponed until further notice. In case of an emergency/advice please contact your clinic;

We will be open by appointment only for urgent emergency dental care only. We kindly ask you do not attend the practice unless you have spoken to a member of the team over the telephone.

Urgent dental problems include the following conditions;

  • Dental and facial swellings and infections
  • Severe dental and facial pain: that is, pain that cannot be controlled following self-help
  • Fractured teeth or tooth with nerve exposure

Dental emergencies include the following conditions;

  • Trauma of the face or teeth
  • Swelling of the face or mouth that is significant and worsening
  • Post-extraction bleeding that cannot be controlled

We thank you for your cooperation, understanding and patience during these uncertain times. We would like to reassure all our patients that we are available for advice, help and support over the phone during working hours. We wish you, your families and the community the very best.